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5 Date Week

It looks like this might turn out to be a 5 date week, after all.  It’s not what I’d planned. I planned on it being a pretty mellow, 3 date week (all first dates).  But then today The Musician called and asked me for that 2nd date.  We’re playing phone tag right now, but I expect we’ll probably get together sometime Saturday, maybe for brunch if he’s performing Saturday night (which I kind of assume he is).  I’m looking forward to seeing him again.  It really was a good .

And then there’s this other guy from online dating who’s pushing his way onto my schedule this week.  He’s new to the online dating thing and I can just hear his impatience with it all.  It’s like he’s dying to just be normal and meet and date and not do the online dating thing.  And I get that, I do.  So I’m going to make time to see him.  I feel weird giving him a nickname since we haven’t even met yet, but for lack of something better, I’ll just call him UWS (that’s Upper West Side for you non-New Yorkers, a neighborhood I don’t love, btw) Guy.

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3 to “5 Date Week”

  1. recklessstudio says:

    I like how this has progressed so quickly. This should make for a very interesting week. I am happy for you.

  2. 20forty says:

    Sounds like you are right back in the game. Good for you girl! Hope you have a fabulous time on all five dates. After all, I’m living vicariously through you!

  3. SINgleGIRL says:

    Quickly yes, progress – hmmm, I don’t know? That remains to be seen.
    Living vicariously through me can be a very dangerous (and occasionally) dull thing. Thanks