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Mishaps Happen and the Magic of 3

So I had to cancel my date tonight. I live in one of those wonderful old buildings in that everything thinks is charming. And it is. Except that the plumbing is old, too, and several times a winter we are without heat and hot water for hours at a time. It was that way when I woke up this morning and I just blew it off and assumed it would be fixed when I got home. It wasn’t. I called the super to find out that the repairman was “on his way” (why just then and not earlier?). Anyway, I REALLY didn’t want to go out and meet this guy with dirty hair.

It wasn’t an excuse either. This was someone I wanted to meet. Really wanted to meet. Was actually looking forward to meeting. It’s not my fault I live in a building with a crappy boiler (well I guess it is my fault, but moving in NYC is out of the question).

He acted cool about it and said it was fine if we rescheduled, but we don’t have an actual day/time so I’m still not sure he doesn’t think I’m blowing him off. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it if he thinks that. Though I did send him a cute, “wish we were having drinks now” text a little while ago. We’ll see.

Ugh. Just not my day, I guess.

And now for a completely different topic, a lovely man I men on (you know who you are) thinks he knows the perfect guy for me. A friend of his. So ‘set-up SINgleGIRL’ is back on. That other from that other blogger seems to have disappeared. But just so you all know, I’m still here and I’ll still game. I think Mr. Potential has potential and all, but we’re a long way from me being his GF. Lots of dating left to do.

And now for our last topic of the day (topic number 3) –. Thank you for reading my blog. I know that on any given day the majority of my readers are returning readers, people who come back over and over. I so appreciate you and your interest in my writing and my life. Writing this blog had brought me unexpected pleasure and for that I am thankful. I don’t know if I would find it quite so enjoyable if no one were reading and commenting. There’s something about the reader interaction that I find really neat (neat? ).

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5 to “Mishaps Happen and the Magic of 3”

  1. Seth says:

    It’s amazing. He probably never would have noticed the hair going unwashed (hair is often more manageable the day AFTER washing anyhow). But you knowing that you weren’t entirely as clean as you’d like…sets the night off on the wrong foot. I think you made the right choice. If he’s really interested, he’ll try again.

    I know I said I only visit your blog to look at the header photo…but I think I speak for many when I say you’re fun to read along with.

  2. Infinity says:

    Well, that sucks! But of course, you were better off not telling him the actual reason why you had to cancel. Seth is right, if he wants to see you, he’ll ask again.

    I haven’t been a victim/beneficiary of the online set-up. But it is something I do find interesting.

    And you are so welcome. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and it’s admirable what you do. I think it’s important that people get as many perspectives as possible without always having to hear advice or tips on relationships.

  3. lisaq says:

    Ugh. Don’t blame you at all. I’d have done the same thing. Can’t go on a first date without feeling like you look your best.

    Unlike infinity, I have been the victim of a blogger set up (okay, so I did it to myself). Keep an open mind, but be careful. Things in the blogosphere are not always what they seem!

  4. bobbyboy says:

    You have to be comfortable and ready when meeting someone. You did the right thing. Based frpm what you said, I don’t think he thought you were blowing him off at all :)

    Happy thanksgiving.

  5. NIToys says:

    Hi SG… Let me just say that if he does not call you to reschedule then it is his lots… You know sometimes crap happens and if he is really someone that you are meant to have fun with then it will happen.

    I do understand not meeting him not being clean an all as I would have done the same to you. I just dont like being dirty unless we get dirty together…(you know what I mean)… Wish you the best and maybe someday we can go have a bite and talk a bit more…