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Some Business

It’s been a long day.  2 dates, neither of them very good.  The first was just blah, the second was actually bad.  Oh well.  

That’s not what this post is about though.  I want to deal with some BLOG BUSINESS (funny concept for a hobby, but whatever).  I’ve added a little feedburner thingy for you so if read me regularly, please go ahead and subscribe.  I thought I did that ages ago, but I guess I accidently deleted it.  
Also, as long as I’m doing the self promotion thing, please (if you like this blog) go ahead and add me to your technorati faves or digg me or stumble me or do whatever it is that people do to communicate to the world that you are enjoying a site.  Is it tacky to suggest that? I’m pretty clueless.
Lastly, I’ve added something new.  Instead of me randomly adding youtube clips when I’m in the mood I’ve gone ahead and added a new, “ of the Day” corner.  I will try to update it daily, even when I don’t have time to do anything else.
Today’s song is “A Sunday Kind of Love” by the incredible Etta James.  The video sucks but it was the only one youtube had and that was the song on my mind tonight.
I have many, many things to write in response to some recent comments, but that will all have to wait until morning.  I’m not quite coherent enough for that now.

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3 to “Some Business”

  1. bobbyboy says:

    I’m subscribed :)

    I don’t think your self promotion is distasteful. Isn’t that what blogs are for, to share?

    Share away 😉

  2. Dav DiDi says:

    Hi … hhmm , i don’t really understand your blog though .. maybe coz there is too much info or my english is bad.. english is my secondary language.. anyway, nice blog …

  3. Edge says:

    Hey I feel you on the self-promotion thing. We’re trying to get the Alexa ratings up on our blog and it’s only a matter of time before we start soliciting our loyal fans for Feedburner subscriptions. :)

    Still, it’s what you gotta do to build a good blog.

    I like what you’re doing here – I will check out your stuff when I have more time. My blog is geared toward men and specifically men who make it their mission to improve with women. Given that we need to hit keyword terms, the sight uses a lot of “pick-up” terminology, though I am aiming to make the site more mainstream in the future.

    Maybe when we’re a little more mainstream we’ll start sending some traffic your way. And hey, if you have an Alexa toolbar, hit my site too please. :)

    Good luck.