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Plan for Tonight

Tonight I have a date with the freelancer (sorry – no link, am rushing this morning). After a few awkward phone calls I know that we are going out to dinner but I have no idea where or when so I’m working with the assumption that I might be going straight from . I dress super-casual on Fridays and so that kind of sucks as out was for on a Saturday afternoon. The guy is going to think I only wear jeans and t-shirts.

Anyway, the real reason for the morning update is to let you know is that I’ve joined the community and that I will be twittering on my date later. That should interesting. See the link on the top right corner.

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2 to “Plan for Tonight”

  1. bobbyboy says:

    The guy is going to think I only wear jeans and t-shirts

    Hey, I’m a sweats and t-shirt type guy myself. Comfortable rules lol

    Welcome to twitter :)

  2. SINgleGIRL says:

    As it happened, I was able to run home and change into a black dress. Much more appropriate for dinner at a French bistro. I think I may have over twittered, but I’m just going to have to feel the thing out.