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No Dates this Weekend But…

I’ve decided to take the weekend off from dating, but things haven’t gone completely quiet. I received a very sweet next day from the I went out with the other night (Sorry, no time for links right now. Just scroll down and read the last few posts). It was a completely blah but I really didn’t give him a chance. I’m going to write back and make plans to get together with him again next week. He’s a . He deserves a chance (and I deserve a but have no idea if he could be the nice guy).

And last night I got a completely unexpected call from the cheeky message guy. He called to see if I was free. He also emailed the day before to see if I was free (I wasn’t either night). I guess he’s one of those guys, the ones who always want to get together last minute. We had a pleasant little chat. But of course, no set plans to get together. He’s away for the weekend and so we’ll see what next week brings, see if he’s capable of planning a day ahead.

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