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Another Day, Another Date

This’ll be a quickie as I’m dead tired.  I kind of wish I were an actual machine so that I could just replace my battery.  I need to be recharged. Anyway, last night’s date with bachelor #2 was good. I’m sorry, I’m too tired to deal with links now.  He’s the guy I’ve been flirting with via email for a few weeks – divorced dad, charming, bright, entertainment industry.  It was in a lot of ways a very familiar date.  I’ve been out with SO many versions of him before.  When he started to apologize and explain that he needed to call his daughter around her bedtime to say goodnight I started to have flashbacks to all of the other times I’d had that conversation.  That conversation, and the one about his travels, and my travels, and our similar political beliefs.  It was all good and easy and fun.

This morning, someone at work asked me how the date went and I told her it was good but that I didn’t know if that meant anything or if we’d see each other again. That guys like him are professional daters.  Even after a few dates, or a few months you never really know where you stand with them. It’s all about how much effort they feel like investing in the relationship at any given moment.  They could be all in for a month and then go cold.  Or maybe that’s all guys.  But I did enjoy our conversation so I decided to be bold (not that bold, a little bold) and send him an email today with a link to something we had talked about.
Then today I had a long put off and many times rescheduled coffee date. He’s a screenwriter with a wacky paying gig and our schedules just don’t mesh.  Hence the many reschedules.  I’d been thinking, why bother, but he was so tenacious so I wanted to follow through and meet him. Heck, I like that in a guy.  It was fine. We talked shop.  I heard about his projects, he heard about mine (not this one though).  There was zero chemistry.  A waste of time but not bad.
I had the night off from dating.  Other real life things to do. I have my second date with the TALL man tomorrow night and then a first date on Saturday. And then, well, I don’t know.  I never heard back from the guy who sent that cheeky email.  What a surprise…


3 to “Another Day, Another Date”

  1. lisaq says:

    Sounds like you needed the night off girl. You don’t want to end up like me all burned out and crap!

    About the rescheduled a million times date…for me at least, if there’s no chemistry that’s that. Time to say “Next!”

  2. Cheryl says:

    dated a great guy from Manhattan for quite awhile. I live in RI. He’s still a bachelor and a close friend. I’d recommend him highly. He’s handsome, successful and real.

  3. SINgleGIRL says:

    I’ll take you up on that offer of a set up if it was for real. Email me and we’ll figure something out.