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Wow – What a Line

One of the things my online personals site asks is for members to list 5 things they can’t live without. As you can imagine, people come up with all kinds of answers. I’ve read at least a dozen guys who listed water, air, food, shelter and then a few dozen others who list their friends, family, love and friendship. My list is honest and just a little snarky. are on the list. I think that they are a helpful/insightful thing to list.

So I was just reading my email and in the very first message I received from some new guy (One I emailed first and who I think is a hotty) was this statement: “…this is kinda personal, but since you brought it up, I wouldn’t want to use condoms with you. There’s just something about your cute little body that makes me think I’d much rather us wait and get tested.”

Wow – what a line. I’m going to reply. I can’t resist. Maybe there’s a chance he’s not trouble waiting to happen. But my, oh my, what a line.

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3 to “Wow – What a Line”

  1. cjw666 says:

    Oh, yes. I wish I’d thought of that ;).

    It just serves to underline the power of words! That one short line says SO much! He’s managed to compliment you in a personal, almost intimate way. He’s excused himself from being a bit “forward” by mentioning that you mentioned it. He’s managed to move things to “intimate” discussion in a trice. He’s suggested that he may be looking for something longer term, if it happens. He’s told you he’s VERY interested in sex, but not at the expense of your wellbeing (as well as his, of course). It’s brilliant and I do so hope for your sake that it turns out to be half as good as it apparently promises to be. GOOD LUCK! You deserve a break!

  2. lisaq says:

    Haha…that’s priceless! Can’t wait to hear how the reply goes. It’s the ones who think outside the box, like this one, that intrigue me.

  3. kira says:

    I wouldn’t be able to resist replying either! This could have very easily been a trashy pick up line but he executed it perfectly. Good luck with this one!