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Quick Post B4 Bed on a 2 Date Day

Today was a 2 date day. This afternoon I met Downtown Guy for a walk in the park. Yeah, he reemerged. I heard from him a few days ago and figured, what the hell. It was a gorgeous day, a perfect day for a walk in the park. I still can’t really figure him out. He’s either a huge flake or a really sweet guy who’s just hard to get to know, I have no idea which.

I just got home from dinner with a new guy, the Dr. I pretty much never go out to dinner on a first date and also never go out with Drs. I’d already decided to give him a chance, he seemed like a decent enough fellow, no obvious god complex. We’d made plans to meet tonight for a drink. When he called yesterday to finalize the plans he said dinner and mentioned a restaurant in my ‘hood, as if I’d agreed to go out to dinner with him. I could’ve corrected him, said no to dinner but yes to drinks, but I just decided to roll with it. It was a nice date. I don’t think there were any sparks, not really. But we got along just as well as I did with Bachelor #1 from the other night (I’m seeing him again later in the week. He really needs a nickname. I’ll call him the TALL man). He walked me to my block and said he’d liked to see me again. I said I’d like that too. So we’ll see.
And now it’s off to bed for me.


1 to “Quick Post B4 Bed on a 2 Date Day”

  1. lisaq says:

    Sounds like a couple of nice dates. Good for you girl. I’m glad they went well.

    Keep us posted! I’m going to have to live vicariously through you for awhile as I’m taking a much needed dating time out.