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Dispatch from Datingland

Bachelor #2 had to reschedule on me. He sent a very sweet, very apologetic email telling me about his busy week and his obligations over the coming weekend. He told me he understood if I was getting frustrated with him and that he does, indeed, want to meet me very much.

I’m cool with it. He’s a grown up with responsibilities. Finding time to date can be hard, especially for those first few dates when you’re not even sure if the person is going to be worth it. (Be honest, first dates are no fun. I’ve been known to joke that dating is my second job. I know there are people who think I’m a whiner, who don’t get it. Those are usually people who haven’t dated in years or who date for the joy of dating, who aren’t seeking a LTR.) So we have plans to get together next Monday. I’m still looking forward to it. Now maybe more than before. There was something about his rescheduling email. It seemed genuinely earnest, mature and self-deprecating. All good things.

I’ve gone ahead and scheduled a few dates for the weekend. I figured – what the hell. I am being somewhat picky, but I’m also trying to be a little more open-minded in some ways. One of my dates is with a doctor, which goes against my long-standing ‘no drs.’ rule (been there, done that and it wasn’t something I ever wanted to do again). The truth is that I’m finding the guys out there now (my theoretical matches in land) seem to be a lot less aggressive and attentive about the whole getting together thing. They’ll suggest we get together, I’ll say yes, and then it goes nowhere. The ones I end up meeting are the ones who just have their shit most together. The ones who can plan and implement a simple night out.

I’m meeting bachelor #1 tonight for a drink after work. I’m hoping it goes well enough to earn him a real nickname.

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1 to “Dispatch from Datingland”

  1. lisaq says:

    He sounds very genuine. Hope you have a good time Monday.

    Ugh! I hate when they can’t bust a move. I guess you’re right though, it tells you something about them. Probably not someone you want to get involved with anyway.