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Back to Square One

First, sorry I’ve been so quiet for the last few days. I’ve had so many things going on. So much to deal with. None of it is the type of stuff I’m going to write about here, though. When I started this blog I promised myself it was just going to be about , dating and relationships – not my whole life. I couldn’t bear that “whole life” level of transparency.

Anyway, I’m back and I have no good news to report. Downtown guy is now out of the picture and as usual I have no idea why. I was home sick last weekend. I wrote about that. We were supposed to get together just as I was getting sick and so I cancelled out date. He called me at the end of the weekend and left a voicemail. It was a “I hope you’re feeling better” message. It was sweet. I was napping and missed the call. I called a few hours later and thanked him for the call and said I was looking forward to seeing him when I was feeling better. He didn’t call back and so I emailed the next day, just a one line hello kind of email.
No reply. Ever. We went from him calling to see how I was feeling to no reply. Oh well. I’ll never know why so why stress about it, that’s my attitude. Truth be told, I was seriously questioning whether I could ever be compatible with anyone THAT mellow.
So I’m back to square one with new guys. This week I have a couple of first dates planned. Just a couple. I am trying to be more selective. Trying to narrow down my criteria, find men who I am more than a little bit likely to want to spend time with. I promise to let you know how the dates go.

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1 to “Back to Square One”

  1. lisaq says:

    I think trying to be more selective and find guys you are more compatible is a good thing. Keep us posted!