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What the @#$%

I did end up sending a reply to that guy I went out with in the wintertime, the one who sent a message to my online personals account asking me how I was doing (we went out a few times, he was of a jerk to me).  I have this weird disease that compels me to reply to emails.  I have a really hard time just blowing people off.  I wasn’t a mean girl, I never acquired the skill.

I wrote that I was fine and surprised to be hearing from him.  I didn’t think that was harsh.  If anything, I thought I was opening the door for him to say something more substantive than, ‘how’re you doing”.  Maybe apologize for his jerky behavior months ago and ask me out, if he was still interested. This was yesterday.  He immediately replied with a ‘just wanted to check in”.  OK, whatever.

So I was just checking my account and there was the following message from him,

“So I know you’re looking for something serious on this thing, but if you’re around tonight and might be interested in a drink and kissing and a footrub, this is my official offer.”

What the fuck?

Oh, wait, there was a PS, “Hope I’m not being too forward but why not.”

You know, I’m not even going to rant and rave about WHY (and there are so many reasons) this is ridiculous.  I’m just sharing because I think you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

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4 to “What the @#$%”

  1. cjw666 says:

    See? I told you he didn’t know he was being a jerk! On the other hand, maybe he’s just sh*t scared of any kind of commitment at the moment, but really has quite a thing for you that he’s not sure about admotting even to himself. Does that make sense? I know it’s not what YOU want, but there’s really nothing wrong with people who get along enjoying each other without making the future of the universe dependent on it, is there?

  2. lisaq says:

    I’d be doing a WTF myself. To me it says you’re not exactly what I want in a relationship, but getting laid would be nice. Thanks but no thanks!

  3. YANZ says:

    gosh, wth is his problem?

  4. Barbra Novac says:

    Yeah, this definitley requires a WTF. You feel like saying “hey dude, YOU CONTACTED ME” … to the put down about just keeping in touch.
    The thing to realise here is that they never go away. Never, ever, ever ever.