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Dating Update

The Writer seems to have dropped out of the race.  I say seems because I received an odd, “I’m not ignoring you, I’m just working on constructing an email” email just yesterday. I don’t know what that’s about.  We haven’t even met yet.  Sounds like some kind of drama.  Pity, I had high hopes for him. That’ll teach me to hope.

I saw Downtown Guy last night.  That was nice.  I still haven’t figured him out. Not at all.  He’s SO low key.  I like low key.  It brings out the best in me as I can be a bit edgy and manic at times. Low key guys help keep those elements of my personality in check.
He’s the kind of guy who takes a lot of time to get to know, I think.  There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m in no rush.  What I know, so far, I like.  He gave me a nice goodnight last night.  It was a little on the chaste side, but it was our first and we were on a street corner, so it’s hard to read anything into that. And we have plans to see each other later in the week.
One step at a time.

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