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I was asked recently, “Hey [RealName], what’s with the name of your ? Why is it Sex, Lies and Dating in the City”?

There were a few ways I could’ve answered. Two of the most memorable shows/movies with ‘sex’ in the title were Sex, Lies and Videotape and Sex and The City and I just combined the titles. Plus, I believe the number one reason most relationships fail is that they are build on lies, small ones and big ones, the ones we tell each other and the ones we tell ourselves. I could’ve even given a smartass answer, that everyone lies about sex. Instead I just said, “I like the name”.

It got me to thinking about some of the truly outrageous lies I’ve been told by men. I’m not talking about the everyday lies like posting an old picture on an online dating site and then showing up to a first date 10 years older and 50 lbs heavier than expected. Or saying you’re working late when you’re, um, not. I’m talking about whoppers. The kinds of lies that have you shaking your head for years, wondering how a smart woman like you could be so stupid.

So I’ve decided to take the next few posts, or until I’m bored with the topic, to share some of my favorite lie stories. I encourage you to write in and share some of your own. And please, men, don’t feel left out. I know women lie too. Sadly, It’s an equal opportunity sport.

I’d like to have fun with this. Own it. Sure, it was all painful at the time. But I get to look back and laugh now. Laugh with me.

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2 to “LIES”

  1. lisaq says:

    Oh this could be interesting. God knows I have stories to share.

  2. reachyourgoalsfast says:

    Unfortunately you are so right – lying is an equal opportunity sport; and I think it is more prevalent in a society such as ours that places such emphasis on image vs. substance, independence versus interdependence. Doesn’t everyone know that despite the fact that the truth hurts sometimes, lying hurts worse and even if you tell a painful truth, you can still sleep easy at night.