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I’m overdue, I know.  I promised a follow up to those great comments of yours days ago.  No excuses.  I’ve been busy.  Who isn’t?

Anyway, before I get into that I just wanted to give you all a brief update on things with The Writer and the man I went out with on Thursday night.  I don’t think I’ve given him a nickname yet, have I? It’s gotta be – Downtown guy. He’s so downtown.
The Writer has called several times since our disastrous phone call, but each time he’s gotten my vm.  I haven’t been avoiding him.  I’m just not one of those chicks who lives with her cell phone on her hip.  It’s usually around somewhere, and if I get it I get it and if I don’t, well…
So he’s left me some vms (all very sweet) and we’ve exchanged some emails and one was a lame last minute suggestion that we get together that day and I had other plans so told him that we should definitely get together sometime soon, just not that night.  We’ll see.
Downtown guy emailed me the morning after we went out to say we should get together again sometime soon.  I wrote back saying that I thought that that was a fine idea, but that I was tied up with some other stuff all weekend.  I haven’t heard back. I don’t think that means anything as he’s already told me he’s lousy about planning things in advance.
I am hopeful that I will see them both this week.  And maybe someone else, too. But that might be pushing it.
Sometimes I feel like I’m herding cats.


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