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Back in the Saddle (loosely speaking)

Just walked in from a perfectly pleasant date (no snark in that comment, btw). I am reasonably certain that there’ll be a second one.

He’s exactly the guy I was looking for 15 years ago. Physically and in a lot of other ways too. In fact, he reminds me a lot of some of the guys I dated when I was younger. But not in bad ways.
I’m kind of looking forward to getting to know him better and seeing what’s lying underneath. I think there might be some substance there.  Maybe a surprise or two.
That’s all folks.  Just a quick update.  I DO have something to write in response to the great comments I received on my last post, but it’s late and I’m tired. It’ll have to wait til tomorrow.


1 to “Back in the Saddle (loosely speaking)”

  1. lisaq says:

    Glad it went so well. Keep us posted!