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A Quick Rant Before Lunch

I’ve had to take a short time away from actual dating.  I’m out of town tending to some urgent family business.  In the meantime, I’ve been reflecting a bit on the game of .

Here’s my new pet peeve –  .  I know, this has come up before in prior posts.  When I got back in the game, recently, I made a point of updating my pics.  I kept a couple of the old ones up, because they were fun/good pictures and I labeled the photos with dates so that guys would see that the recent one was really recent.

There are a couple of guys who I’ve seen trolling my dating sight for the past 2 or 3 years with the same pics. And I have an ex who uses a picture from over ten years ago (we’re on good terms and I’ve busted his chops about it).
I’ve heard guys complain about this a lot, but I honestly believe men are worse than women on this front. Of all of the women I know who use online dating services, none of them are out there without at least one recent pic, whereas I know at least 7 guys who are.
What’s the deal?  Are men really that much more vain than we are?  That much more insecure? All I know is that the next time I show up on a date and the guy is doing the bait and switch with ancient pics I might be tempted to be rude and just say, “I’m sorry, you’re clearly an insecure liar and so there’s no point in us chatting over a pleasant drink.”

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