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Gosh, I’m a Loser

I always say it’s stupid to get your hopes up.  I’ve chastised friends for getting excited about first dates with people they’ve met online.  I mean, the chances of the person being even half as cool in person as they seem online (and/or over the phone) are just so slim.

But here I am, completely preoccupied because some guy I’ve never met, never even spoken to, has piqued my interested online. We’ve been exchanging messages for days, and well, he just seems so right for me (yeah, I know, I’m a loser).  But he seems more right for me than any of the guys I’ve been out with recently.  More right than necking guy, who I am still looking forward to seeing again (we just had some major scheduling issues for the weekend and so it won’t be for a few days).
I guess I let myself start to get a little excited about him, start to look forward to meeting him sometime soon. The hard, practical side of me is sure that I am setting myself up for disappointment.  But the soft, hopeful part that still exists despite years of is kind of happy for this feeling.

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