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So here’s the deal – necking guy tells me in an email that he wasn’t sure I was into him, was having trouble reading me, and so while he wanted to invite me back to his place for pie (really, he’d made some pie from scratch the day before) he didn’t know how I’d react.

I made a joke of it, told him I don’t guys I don’t like, but come on. I can’t be that hard to read, can I be? No, seriously, we hung around a park and necked like a couple of pre-teens. Is he a moron? The worse that could’ve happened was that I would’ve said I like you but I’m not ready to go back to your place.

I’ll see him again, give him another try. He’s sweet and smart and all that good stuff. But I can’t really take a guy seriously if he’s that risk averse.


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  1. Felicia|DaLipstickBandit says:

    He made a pie from scratch…hmmmm