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For years I’ve had friends begging me to do this.

I date more than most people, and I’m a writer.  Before was the big thing they’d say I should I write a book about my experiences with .  I was always a bit put off by the thought of it, though.  It takes an awful lot of self-confidence to believe that your perspective on something as trite as can be enlightening or even amusing.  And if I do something, I don’t do it halfway.  I don’t believe in telling half-truths.  And that means probably embarrassing myself and a few other people along the way.   To help myself stay completely honest, I’m keeping this blog anonymously.  Names will be changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.
So, why now?  Well, I started to read some of the many, funny, interesting dating blogs out there (and there are so many that I wonder if, in this crowded marketplace, these words will ever be read).   As I read, it became clear to me that even now, in this virtually anonymous medium, most people still feel the need to lie about their experiences.  To spin every interaction so that it is either funnier than it could have actually been, or more horrible, or more fabulous and exciting.   All of that spinning, it’s great PR, but it’s not good for the average single person’s self-esteem.
So here you have them, my real tales of and dating in the city.  I hope to set the record straight.  I think truth is usually funnier (and more horrible and fabulous) than fiction.  I hope you’ll agree.

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  1. sinfullyanon says:

    It’s kind of cool to look into the Archives…

    …You’ve still got the same spirit, shining.

    This is Will.
    (my naughty blog…

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