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I Will Be Lonely for the Holidays. And It Won’t Kill Me.

Eight days til Xmas and I’m already suffering from Holiday burnout.

I’m not talking about the kind of burnout that comes from too much shopping or too many holiday parties. As usual, I’ve kept all of that to a minimum. Truth is, I’m just not much of a “holiday” person.

No, I’m suffering from media-related burnout. The kind that comes from reading one (dozen) too many articles about overcoming the holiday blues. Or enjoying the holidays as a single person.

So here it is, for the record, my official contribution to the holiday-related media overload: I will be lonely for the holidays. I am not going to fight it. I’m going to let the loneliness come.  Accept it for what it is. And then move on.

There is a big difference between being lonely and alone. I quite enjoy being alone, and don’t look for ways to fill my time/cling to others to fill my time and space. But sometimes I get lonely, too. And this time of year I am particularly vulnerable to it. I see other people flying cross country to visit with their families and…

My family is right here, but they’re not. Not really. My mom is gone. Grandparents all long gone. And without them all the holidays feel more like a burden than a blessing. So I avoid my family this time of year. Because it is easier. Less painful.

I tend to spend my holidays alone. Sometimes flying off (somewhere far) to spend it with friends. But whether I am alone or in with a crowd, I always feel lonely this time of year. Like I am missing out. Missing the family I should have.

And then it passes. And I feel better again.

Random:  I have ended 2 relationships on or right after New Years, in recent years. In both cases, I could have let the relationship drag on longer. Hoped for things to get better. But it’s the time of year when I am least likely to suffer fools gladly.

Anyway, didn’t mean to be such a downer.  I just wanted to point out that not every single person was doing the rah rah, it’s awesome to be single during the holidays dance, and that I am willing to accept loneliness for what it is.  Normal. Temporary. Nonfatal.

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First Kisses (and other fun stuff)

So, dinner  the other night with friends and I don’t even know how we got on this topic…  but somehow we got to talking about how long we tended to (past tense) wait to kiss some new person. And then, of course, how long we waited to get naked with a new person. Note how I said “past tense.”  We were talking about what we’ve actually done, not should do.

It was a judgment-free conversation (my favorite kind). And somewhat enlightening. Turns out we all though the whole idea of waiting was pretty silly. BUT, there was also some agreement that it could be a good strategic move to wait a bit. Something about the short wait making it all seem more better (more better is not a phrase I use often, but seems to fit well here).

In other words, kissing and/or sex on the first date = fine. Maybe even great. But waiting a little while can lead to some interesting results. More significance (if significance is something you’re after). However, waiting a long while just seems like a recipe for a fucking disaster. Literally.

All just a bunch of random babble, I know. But figured I’d share.



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