It’s an effective business strategy to NOT be an asshole.

by Simone Grant

I was talking with a brilliant friend, the entrepreneur and writer known as Jack from Brooklyn, about his new business. He was sharing some of the latest details with me, the trials and tribulations of a start up.

At some point he told some specific story and it was clear that things could have gone a few different ways. Jack is super-smart, as I already mentioned, so he found a way to make things work so that everyone concerned came out ahead. No losers, all winners. It didn’t have to go that way. But his personal philosophy is to be a decent person. As a default.

Which, if you ask me, also happens to be a good business strategy.

Anyway, I said this to Jack and he tweeted it. My exact words, “It’s an effective business strategy to NOT be an asshole.”

I stand by that.