Feed Your Readers

by Simone Grant

Last Sunday I decided to take a few hours to catch up on blog reading. Surf my old faves and see if there was anyone new out there worth checking out. And since I’ve been so busy lately, with work, I decided to subscribe to a bunch more of those sites. That way I’d have an easier time keeping up with the blogs that I like.

Here’s what happened:

1) More than 2/3 of the blogs did not have an option for me to subscribe by email, which is my preference and the preference of millions of people. For clarification =  MILLIONS of people who would like to get each and every post in their email box (as opposed to an rss reader).

2) Another 1/3 of the sites had defection rss links or no rss link.  Which means they had no subscription options.

Hmm. I guess these folks just assume that their fans follow them on twitter and facebook and/or bookmark their sites and so why bother giving readers any other options. Except, it’s pretty damn easy to miss things on twitter and facebook, what with the millions of other things to see/read.

Here’s my point – if you want dedicated readers then you need to make it as easy as you can for them to be fans. Give them as many options as you can to stay connected to your site.  Feed your readers.

PS. There’s no rss/subscriptions options here. It’s just not that kind of a site. Irony.