Advice You Should Ignore

by Simone Grant

Here’s something that most entrepreneurs won’t readily own up to… I fail as often as I succeed. Yep. I’ve had quite a few ideas/projects that completely bombed in the last few years. Some never made it out of development. Some were launched and were public failures.

Big fat failures.

I’ve lost plenty of money and time and been pretty damn embarrassed. But… failure is part of life. And all that crap. You can’t succeed if you don’t try. And no one gets anywhere by playing it safe.

Here’s the thing – those projects that failed, they all had one thing in common. I wasn’t all that passionate about any of them. In ALL cases, I was acting on other people’s advice. Doing what someone or a bunch of people were telling me I should do.

Not that I’m trying to defer blame. I made my choices. My choices, my fault.

Just telling a story here.

On several occasions in the last few years I’ve been given advice that was probably decent advice. ‘You should do this.” ‘Here’s a good project for you.’  ‘Here’s an easy way to make more money.’  None of these were ideas I particularly liked. But it seemed like smart advice so I tried to follow it. Even though the projects weren’t good fits for me. For one reason or another.

All that said, I’d like to think I’m not going to make those kinds of mistakes again. I’m still open to taking business advice. But now I ask myself a few questions before starting any new project.

  1. Is this something I’m passionate about?
  2. Will I be working with people I trust and respect?
  3. I don’t need a 3.  The first 2 usually stop me from making bad decisions.