So You Want to Start a Blog?

by Simone Grant

I figured I’d end the summer with a blogging-related post. And OMG, can you believe the summer is already over?  Sorry couldn’t help myself.

I took some time last week to check in on a bunch of the “new” bloggers who’ve started following me on twitter in the past few months. On any given week, I get followed by anywhere from 5-15 “new” dating-related bloggers. I put new in quotation marks because some of the blogs themselves are new, and some of the bloggers have been blogging for a while and have only just recently joined twitter or just recently started to follow me. Note: because of services like WeFollow, most dating/relationship bloggers follow me.

Anyway, I try to find time to check in on the new folks every few months. To see if there are any new-ish bloggers that really stand out, or anyone that I might want to subscribe to. Last week, when I did my check in, I found that the MAJORITY of those new blogs were inactive. Many of them didn’t make it past 5 posts.

When I investigated further, I found that many dozens of bloggers who follow me on twitter, on a variety of topics (but mainly dating and relationships) hadn’t updated in over 2 months.

So here’s some free advice for those of who think you might like to start a blog, on any topic:

  1. Before launching, write a minimum of 5 posts. Don’t just think of the stories/topics. Sit down and WRITE the posts. Proofread them, revise, all that good stuff.
  2. Realize that you will start with a very small audience. Very. Small. Almost no one if you blog anonymously.  It will take a while and lots of hard work before people start reading and commenting on your posts. Ask yourself: Will I be OK with this?
  3. Realize that, no matter what you write, there will be people who write/say mean things about you. Ask yourself: Will I be OK with this?
  4. Learn the basics of social media and become a part of the blogging community.
  5. Realize that most bloggers quit. Not because they were stupid, or didn’t have things to write about. But because writing/blogging takes time, is essentially a thankless task and only a small percentage of bloggers make any money.

Still interested in blogging? Cool. Just go in with your eyes open.