Practicing What I Preach

by Simone Grant

I was meeting with a potential new client. She’d reached out to meet and was interested in working with me.  New site. Yadda yadda yadda.

I was concerned, frankly. I felt that her site wasn’t ready for prime time. That it needed some work. Redesign. Restructuring. Work. And that it was premature for her to spend money on social media marketing, PR, advertising, etc until she got the site itself in order.

She didn’t understand my point. She felt that things were good enough. And she wanted to start getting more visitors and hopefully earning money.

And so I said to her, “You only have 1 chance to make a first impression. If someone clicks on your site, you want that to be a good first impression. You want them to like what they see. To stick around. To subscribe. Spending money on advertising while your site still needs a lot of work is like walking into a business meeting in dirty clothes.”

She still didn’t get what I was saying. Well, that’s OK. Not everyone would agree with me on this, anyway.

Speaking of which. My site. This site. I’ve been making a lousy first impression, lately.  It hasn’t been updated in months. That’s mainly because I wanted to highlight the top post, The Power Of One: Single Edition Media and the sticky post feature on this site is a little wonky (hey, no site is perfect… not even close). But also because I’ve been so busy with client work that I forget all about the part of my business that’s my business. If you know what I mean.

So… here I am practicing what I preach. Updating the site. And writing myself a reminder to do so more often. Because first impressions matter.