The Power of One: Single Edition Media

by Simone Grant

There are a lot of different ways I could describe myself:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Home owner
  • World traveller
  • New Yorker
  • Food lover/passionate cook
  • Book geek
  • Beauty addict

But none of that seems to matter to advertisers. They look at me and see – Dater. Just dater.

As a single blogger, the only advertisers who seem interested in me and my audience are in the dating (online dating, speed dating, dating experts) and sex industries (condoms, sex toys). And while (I guess) I should be flattered by the non-stop invites to speed dating events, this fact is a constant frustration.

We singles make up a huge segment of the US consumer market. We spend $2.2 trillion annually and 60% of us are homeowners. But advertisers continue to treat us like second class citizens.

Especially in the blogosphere, where mommy bloggers hold court.

Well, the time has finally come for singles to come together with one strong voice and demand to be taken seriously. And we have, with Single Edition Media.

For the past 6 months I’ve been working with the Founder and CEO of Single Edition, Sherri Langburt, to bring Single Edition Media to fruition. Single Edition Media is the first collective of single lifestyle bloggers, relationship writers and coaches. We work together, in one powerful voice, to develop the kind of brand relationships that are truly representative of our lives and our audience reach.

Big things are coming. Stay tuned.