Mommies Shouldn’t Have All the Fun

by Simone Grant

Blogher was a couple of weeks ago and WOW did the brands come out in force. It was amazing, for me, to see how many of the mommy bloggers (and I apologize to anyone who finds that term derogatory) have developed relationships with brands. Especially when you consider how few single bloggers have those kinds of connections.

Tech bloggers, sure.

Beauty bloggers, OK.

But single people writing about our lives the way moms write about their lives – nope.  Just a couple/few of us.  Whereas there are hundreds (thousands, maybe?) of mom bloggers who have found their way to sponsorships and monetization.

So what gives? Well, obviously, some brands are focused on families as their primary market.  So it makes sense for them to go after those in the social media sphere that could have influence with people making family purchases.  But what about other brands?

Single people eat, drink, buy clothes/cars/homes/furniture, travel… and heck, we frequently have more disposable income than our married friends. And, let’s just state the obvious here, there are dozens/hundreds of high-quality blogs written by single people who are highly influential in the singles sphere.

This post is called, “Mommies Shouldn’t Have All the Fun”. The title comes from an email I wrote to a friend, in mock disgust, after reading about yet another all expenses paid vacation for a group of mommy bloggers. They (the moms) get a lot of those. And parties.  And swag.  So much so that you’d think the major retail brands of America are trying to send a message to single people, “Sorry, we don’t want you as customers.  Not until you have kids.”  That doesn’t seem smart at all.