Traffic is great, sales are better

by Simone Grant

My client was happy.  Traffic to his site had been up, consistently so, since he hired me.

And while I appreciated his thanks (it’s always nice to have my efforts recognized) I had to remind him that my job wasn’t just to bring traffic to his site.  That that was only a small part of it.

Site traffic had to convert into sales.  Had to. At a much greater rate than we were seeing.  Otherwise, he wasn’t getting a true return on his social media investment.

So we talked for a short while about things that needed to happen in order to facilitate those conversions.  Getting more seasonal merchandise online, putting some things on sale, more updates to the blog.  Lots of things.

I guess I could have just taken the compliment.  Patted myself on the back and moved on to my next call.  But that’s not the way I roll.