I politely disagree

by Simone Grant

It happens sometimes. I start talking with a new or potential client about their current social media strategy.  What they’re already doing well and what I see as points of weakness.

I’ll point out something that I see as a glaring issue. Some faux pas of social media manners, or big time waster.  And I’m told, “that’s how I was taught to do it”.  And then they name some other expert/consultant they worked with in the past.

My choice, in these situations (and it happens more often than you’d believe) is to smile and nod and then acknowledge that that might certainly have been good advice at some time, for some other brand. But that they need to change strategies right away. To disagree as politely as possible, while still being firm. I give reasons and examples and hope that my new/potential clients trust me.  And then I move on.  No need to disparage the folks spreading bad advice.