Apples, Oranges, Bananas and Pomegranates

by Simone Grant

There are a lot of social media consultants out here.  A lot.

But here’s the thing, saying you’re a social media consultant doesn’t mean much more than saying you’re a writer.  It’s a vague generalization.  Not much more.

I’m on my 4th (or 5th) career. I’ve been a teacher, trainer, nonprofit management professional, project manager and now a social media consultant.  And through it all I’ve always been a writer.

I feel like social media is a really good fit for me.  I get to bring together the skills I’ve honed over the last twenty years. Active listening, planning, coordinating, multi-tasking and communicating – it’s all essential in the new media environment.

Some social media professionals are freshly minted, straight out of college and have learned what they know in internships. Others are PR professionals who’ve trended towards social media.

This isn’t about one social media consultant being better than another.  This is about apples, oranges, bananas and pomegranates.  I would hope that my current and future clients feel that I’m a good match for their needs.

This is not a one size fits all field.